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The 29th Conference on Applied and Industrial Mathematics
CAIM 2022
25-29 August, 2022, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

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  1. Berinde Vasile, Iterative Algorithms for Approximating Fixed Points of Enriched Contractive Mappings in Convex Metric Spaces

  2. Schlomiuk Dana, On Global Issues in the Study of Planar Vector Fields.

  3. Stanzhytskyi Oleksandr, Existence, Uniqueness Solution and Invariant Measure Results for Neutral FSDES in Hilbert Spaces with Non-Lipschitz Coefficients. Controllability

  4. Chiriac Liubomir, The average number of divisors over sparse sequences

  5. Moroșanu Costicã, Well-posedness of a nonlinear second-order anisotropic reaction-diffusion problem with nonlinear and inhomogeneous dynamic boundary conditions

  6. Baltag Iurie, Determination of some solutions of the 2d stationary navier-stokes equations

  7. Dascaliuc Radu, Tuan Pham, Enrique Thomann, Edward C. Waymire, Doubly Stochastic Yule Cascades and Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation

  8. Grunfeld Cecil Pompiliu, On a positive semigroup associated to a nonlinear evolution model in an ordered space

  9. Litovchenko Vladyslav, On the fundamental solution of the Cauchy problem for equations with negative genus and dissipative parabolicity

  10. Neagu Vasile, On the solvability of singular integral equations

  11. Perjan Andrei, Rusu Galina, Convergence estimates for solutions to the semilinear plate equation with small parameter

  12. Alberdi Elisabete, Antoñana Mikel, Makazaga Joseba, Murua Ander, Implicit symplectic methods for high precision numerical integration of the Solar System

  13. Bihun Yaroslav, Petryshyn Roman, Skutar Ihor, The Multifrequency Systems with Linearly Transformed Arguments and Multipoint and Local-Integral Conditions

  14. Bujac Cristina, Schlomiuk Dana, Vulpe Nicolae , On the family QSL3 of quadratic systems with invariant lines of total multiplicity exactly 3.

  15. Bujac Cristina, Schlomiuk Dana, Vulpe Nicolae, Geometrical classification of a family of cubic systems

  16. Cheban David, Averaging Principle on Semi-axis for Semi-linear Differential Equations

  17. Cherevko Ihor, Ilika Svitlana, Matviy Oleksandr, Piddubna Larissa, About stability of linear systems with delay.

  18. Cherevko Ihor, Dorosh Andrii, Haiuk Ivan, Pertsov Andrii, Solving Boundary Value Problems For Linear Neutral Delay Differential-Difference Equations Using a Spline Collocation Method

  19. Cozma Dumitru, Matei Angela, Center conditions for a cubic differential system having an integrating factor

  20. Dryuma Valeriu, Invariants of E.Cartan and their applications to the theory of differential equations

  21. Neagu Natalia, Popa Mihail, Stability problems of the unperturbed motion governed by the ternary differential system of Lyapunov-Darboux type with nonlinearities of degree four.

  22. Petryna Grygoriy, Denysenko Natalia, Asymptotic Behavior of Functional Stochastic Differential Equations

  23. Puțunticã Vitalie, Linear differential systems in R3 having invariant planes with maximal multiplicity.

  24. Repeșco Vadim, A qualitative study of the quintic differential system with maximal multiplicity of the line at the infinity

  25. Stanzhytskyi Oleksandr, Mogylova Viktoriia, Invariant Measures and Asymptotic Behavior of Stochastic Evolution Equations

  26. Șubã Alexandru, Classification of cubic differential systems with a linear center and the line at infinity of maximal multiplicity

  27. Tsan Viktoriia, Koval’chuk Tetiana, The connection between oscillation of solutions of linear equations and their corresponding equations on time scales

  28. Tudorache Alexandru, Luca Tudorache Rodica, Existence of positive solutions for a semipositone boundary value problem with sequential fractional derivatives

  29. Anpilogov Dmytro, About boundary value problems on propagation of non-stationary longitudinal waves in rods of variable cross section

  30. Barbu Tudor, Variational and PDE-based Mixed Poisson-Gaussian Noise Removal Techniques

  31. Biclea Diana, Vectors and eigenvalues when calculating the dipole strength

  32. Cosac Marian, Use of the mathematical method for determining fire risk

  33. Dunea Daniel, Pohoata Alin, Lungu Emil , A cyberinfrastructure-driven big data analysis for air pollution and human health

  34. Enciu Daniela, Halanay Andrei, Ursu Ioan, A critical case for stability in a model of an electrohydraulic servomechanism

  35. Georgescu Raluca, Vasile Eugen, Statistical aspects regarding some physical sources of noise in electronic devices

  36. Ion Stelian, Marinescu Dorin, Cruceanu Stefan Gicu, Dam Break Flow with Erosion and Vegetation

  37. Ionescu Adela, Some evaluations for the mathematical model’s control associated to Kuznetsov-Makalkin immunogenic model

  38. Nicolaescu Ion, Theory of chaos,

  39. Pațiuc Vladimir, Ribacova Galina Numerical simulation of transient processes in a heat exchanger

  40. Secrieru Grigore , Simulation of the interaction of real gas and walls with different initial temperatures

  41. Zhang Hong, Apeanti Wilson Osafo, Georgescu Paul, Impact of social influence on student performance and dropout: a mathematical modelling approach

  42. Ahmed Mamoon, Amenable quasi-lattice ordered groups

  43. Gok Omer, On unbounded order weakly demicompact operators

  44. Mocanu Marcelina, Triangular ratio metric and Ptolemy-Alhazen problem

  45. Stamate Cristina, Aggregation operators with applications in Mathematical economics

  46. Stanzhytsky Andriy, Invariant measure for stochastic functional differential equations

  47. Eleonora Seiciuc, Gheorghe Carmocanu, Seichiuc Vladislav, On spline-collocation and spline-quadratures algorithms for solving integral and weak-singular integral equations of second kind

  48. Bâcã Adrian-Iulian, Vernic Raluca, Extreme values modeling using the Gamma-Lognormal-Pareto three-spliced distribution

  49. Buzatu Radu, Convex covers of graphs resulting from some graph operations

  50. Dragan Irinel, On Convexity Threshold and the Coalitional Rationality Thresholds for cooperative transferable utilities games

  51. Hâncu Boris, Cataranciuc Emil, Parallel algorithm to solving block-cyclic partitioned bimatrix games.

  52. Hâncu Boris, Gladei Anatol, Parallel algorithm for mixed HPC systems to determine the solutions in the bimatrix informational extended games.

  53. Krykun Ivan, Limit theorems for stochastic equations involving local time of process

  54. Lazari Alexandru, Perturbed Homogeneous Linear Recurrent Systems

  55. Lefebvre, Mario, An application of Markov chains in meteorology

  56. Lozovanu Dmitrii, Average-discounted equilibria for stochastic positional games

  57. Mitev Lilia, Modelling Performance Characteristics for Polling Models with semi-Markov Switching and Priorities

  58. Novac Ludmila, Estimation of the exchange risk in conditions of the economic crisis, using statistical modeling

  59. Solomon Dumitru, Optimization methods for min-max fractional problems.

  60. Tkacenko Alexandra , The method for solving the multicriteria linear-fractional optimization problem in integers

  61. Zbãganu Gheorghițã, Rãducan Anișoara Maria, What is the chance to have a leader in a random set?

  62. Anghel Cristian, Exact modules over CDGA and weight systems

  63. Arnautov V. I., Ermakova G. N., Properties of coverings in lattices of ring topologies

  64. Balcan Vladimir, Properties of Boroczky’s construction

  65. Balcan Vladimir, The question-behavior of geodesics on hyperbolic manifolds: analysis

  66. Banaru Galia, Banaru Mihail, Hermitian geometry of six-dimensional planar submanifolds of Cayley algebra

  67. Banaru Mihail, On minimal Endo hypersurfaces in nearly Kählerian manifolds.

  68. Calmuțchi Laurențiu, Generalized Hausdorff compactifications

  69. Cașu Alexei, Jardan Ion, Preradicals and closure operators in modules: comparative analysis and relations

  70. Chernov V.D., Demidova V., Malyutina N.N., Shcherbacov V.A., Groupoids of order three up to isomorphisms

  71. Chiriac Liubomir, Bobeica Natalia, On some non-isomorphic quasigroups of small order

  72. Chiriac Liubomir, Bobeica Natalia, Lupashco Natalia, Pavel Dorin, On Topological CM-quasigroups

  73. Cimpoeas Mircea, A note on the monomial characters of a wreath product of groups

  74. Cojuhari Elena, Gardner Barry, Relatively hereditary radical classes of rings

  75. Cucu Ion , The implicit reducibility in super-intuitionistic logics

  76. Fryz Iryna, Lutsenko Alla, Orthogonality of matrix quasigroups

  77. Lungu Alexandru, On the theory of the generalized symmetry of the geometrical figures regularly weighted by "physical" scalar or oriented tasks

  78. Malyutina N.N., Shcherbacov V.A., T-quasigroups with Schröder identity xy∙yx = y

  79. Mihaylova Ekaterina (Bulgaria). Families of subspaces of pointwise countable type

  80. Sirbu Parascovia, Cuznetov Elena, On recursively differentiable n-quasigroups.

  81. Sokhatsky Fedir, Lutsenko Alla, Matrix quasigroups with invertibility property

  82. Ursu Leonid, Some universal properties of n-IP-loops

  83. Ursul Mihail, Images of compact rings

  84. Zamorzaeva Elizaveta, On normal 3-isohedral spherical tilings for group series

  85. Bilous Rostyslav, Krykun Ivan, Study of the convergence of computer calculations

  86. Bumbu Tudor, Burtseva L., Cojocaru Svetlana, Colesnicov Alexandru, Malahov Ludmila, Platform for Digitization of Heterogeneous Documents

  87. Cherniichuk Halyna, Krykun Ivan, New algorithms and their software implementations for combinatorial games

  88. Cojocaru Svetlana, Gaindric Constantin, Some solutions for applications of Intelligent information systems in medicine

  89. Colesnicov Alexandru, Malahov Ludmila, On constructing a linguistic model of the Romanian language using geographically referenced dialect data

  90. Ion Stelian, Marinescu Dorin, Cruceanu Stefan-Gicu, How to build up an Artificial Neural Network in C

  91. Maidacenco Anastasia, Negara Corina. Artificial intelligence and parallel programming for processing of big data

  92. Popov Lidia, Alexandr Parahonco, Use of VPN for data security

  93. Titchiev Inga, Caftanatov Olesea, Iamandi Veronica, Talambuta Dan, Caganovschi Daniela, Marker-Based Augmented Reality approach used in learning geometry

  94. Ungureanu Valeriu, Application of Machine Learning in the Research of an Unknown Text

  95. Achiri Ion, Matematica școlarã în context transdisciplinar

  96. Afanas Dorin, Convergența seriei ∑ și aplicațiile ei.

  97. Afanas Dorin, Programarea servomotorului și sugestii de utilizare

  98. Alberdi Celaya Elisabete, Álvarez González Irantzu, Analysis of mobility for the Biscay Campus and proposal for improvement from the point of view of sustainability

  99. Alberdi Celaya Elisabete, Álvarez González Irantzu, Sánchez Zuriñe Tapia, Application of heuristic methods in the optimization of routes contributing to sustainability

  100. Anton Felicia, Sali Larisa, Dezvoltarea gândirii critice a elevilor prin utilizarea contraexemplelor în procesul de studiere a matematicii

  101. Baltag Iurie, Unele aplicații ale numerelor complexe în trigonometrie și combinatoricã

  102. Bogdanova Violeta, Chiriac Liubomir, Pedagogical modeling of the process of teaching the university discipline „Information Security”

  103. Bostan Marina, Aplicarea testului (u) Mann-Whitney la prelucrarea rezultatelor experimentale privind studierea cursului universitar „Teorie Grafurilor”

  104. Calmuțchi Laurențiu, Filipopolschi Ecaterina, Formarea competențelor matematice la elevi prin rezolvare de probleme applicative

  105. Calmuțchi Laurențiu, Restabilirea triunghiului, fiind date trei puncte speciale

  106. Chiriac Eugenia, Țesuturile mecanice din tulpina unor magnoliofite – model de constructie inginereascã și sursã de fibre textile

  107. Chiriac Liubomir, Danilov Aurel, Aspecte didactice privind studierea algoritmului de criptare RSA, funcțiilor hash și semnãturii digitale

  108. Corlat Andrei, Jardan Ion, Metode de rezolvare a ecuațiilor transcendente

  109. Cristei Maria, Software popular pentru modelarea 3D

  110. Dohotaru Leonid, Jardan Ion, Rezolvarea unor probleme de geometrie cu ajutorul numerelor complexe

  111. Dohotaru Leonid, Jardan Ion, Rezolvarea unor sisteme de ecuații algebrice

  112. Duminicã Traian, Unele metode de calcul ale primitivelor și integralelor definite

  113. Gasnas Ala, Explorarea metodelor de predare a cursului de programare ”Limbaje de Asamblare”

  114. Globa Angela, Pavel Maria, Pavel Dorin, Importanța studierii proprietãților numerelor întregi în instruirea de performanțã

  115. Lupu Ilie, Școala științificã „Teoria și metodologia instruirii(științe exacte și ale naturii)” și rolul ei în pregãtirea cadrelor științifice de înaltã calificare

  116. Maftea Serghei, Consideraþiuni privind metoda inducției matematice

  117. Melnyk Vasyl, Melnyk Halyna, Using of GitHub Classroom tools in Programming Classes

  118. Pavel Dorin, Globa Angela, Pavel Maria, Soluție software gratuitã pentru prelucrarea statisticã a rezultatelor experimentului psihopedagogic

  119. Postolachi Igor, Bocancea Viorel, Postolachi Valentina , Determining the parameters of accelerated motion

  120. Sali Larisa, Covalciuc Mirela, Scripcaru Natalia, The importance of applicative contexts in the development of the motivation for the study of mathematics

  121. Sali Larisa, Teleucã Marcel, Dezvoltarea abilitãților de modelare matematicã

  122. Snizhko Nataliia, On the problems of teaching the higher mathematics in english

  123. Solovei Lilia. Cu privire la metode de predare a matematicii pentru studenþii cu nivel diferit de pregãtire licealã

  124. Țarãlungã Boris, On the Pythagorean –tuples

  125. Țarãlungã Boris, Bordan Valentina , Integral Solutions of the Diophantine Equations

  126. Țarãlungã Boris, Mușinschi Lidia, A note on two Diophantine equations

  127. Vascan Teodora, Aspecte privind proiectarea și realizarea proiectelor STEAM.

  128. Zastînceanu Liubov, Utilizarea resurselor digitale în formarea matematicã a elevilor din clasele cu profil umanist

  129. Балашова Юлия, О некоторых способах сокращения факторного пространства

  130. Кожухарова Татьяна ,. Из опыта применения познавательных задач на уроках математики